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IRS TIN Matching Program

IRS TIN Matching Program Vs Compliancely Real-Time TIN Matching System

It is established that TIN matching is one of the most important tools to verify the legal and tax-related information of business entities and individuals.


Businesses, especially, employers use IRS TIN matching to identify, validate, and verify the tax information of their vendors and employees. While the IRS TIN Matching program is a perfectly good system on its own to validate and lookup TINs, it is not the only way to verify TINs.


Peak hours during the filing season, heavy web traffic, and other factors can slow down your TIN matching operations, slowing down your reporting and filing processes.


But authorized agents of the IRS, such as Compliancely, enable you to validate TINs online without any delays (apart from scheduled maintenance), helping you to verify more TINs in less time.


Compliancely’s Real-Time TIN Matching: An Overview


Real-time TIN matching solutions offered by Compliancely allow you to verify TINs along with the legal name of the vendor/employee per the official records of the IRS database, enabling accurate reporting.
The best part about Compliancely’s TIN matching solutions is that you don’t have to wait for hours or days to get the TIN match results.


Compliancely enables you to search as many as 100,000+ TINs in a minute and reverts with real-time, accurate results in 30 seconds or less – directly from the sources (IRS and SSA).

There are many interesting features to real-time TIN matching offered by Compliancely. So, let’s learn about them quickly and compare the IRS TIN Matching program with Compliancely’s real-time TIN matching system and see the differences.


IRS TIN Matching Program And Compliancely’s Real-Time TIN Matching System: A Comparison


IRS TIN Matching Program Compliancely Real-Time TIN Matching System
15-minute sign-up process 2-minute sign-up process
The credentials are sent to you by mail You just need your Compliancely credentials to access the real-time TIN match dashboard and you get the credentials instantly.
The interactive session takes about 1 to 4 hours to get accurate results. Get instant results to your TIN match requests within seconds
Bulk sessions take about 24-48 hours to even a week to get results Get the real-time results in 30 seconds or less
Bulk sessions are limited to 100,000 checks in 24 hours Search up to 100,000+ TINs per minute and get results within 30 seconds
You can only send up to 25 TIN match requests at once through Interactive sessions with a single user ID No limits on the number of checks. Businesses can further scale up their search volume with API
Complex file formats and request codes to accommodate the standardized TIN match regulations of the IRS A simple pre-defined TIN/name template for easier bulk data formatting.
No re-screening if the vendor/payee TIN details are updated/changed Compliancely automatically re-screens your TIN data as and when the database is updated with new information.

What Compliancely offers To Businesses


While the traditional IRS TIN Matching program is built for taxpayers at large, Compliancely is specifically designed to cater to the TIN Matching requirements of businesses and enterprise industries, enabling them with real-time accurate TIN Match responses.


All the intermediary steps to get to TIN Matching have been subtracted to allow CPAs and business owners to just import their bulk TIN data to Compliancely and run the TIN Match check, saving countless hours on manual data entry and waiting time.


Leveraged By Industries


Compliancely’s real-time TIN matching is leveraged by businesses from a variety of industries, including but not limited to:


  • Merchant Account Opening
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Gig Economy
  • Government
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Health care


This means businesses that deal and work with a wide variety of manpower require a robust identity vetting system that enables them to verify the tax and legal information quickly and easily. And Compliancely does just that (and more).


Get Compliancely For Your Business


If you’re a business owner that is looking at new and advanced ways to incorporate TIN Matching into your KYB and KYC processes or if you’re an employer that is looking for a simplified approach to TIN Matching, look no further.

Compliancely has got it all.


Apart from real-time TIN Matching, Compliancely also supports other identity checks as follows.


  • OFAC Watch List
  • European Sanctions List
  • Death Master File
  • Specially Designated Nationals
  • Politically Exposed People
  • IRS Tax-Exempt Org. Search
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) List
  • Address Validation
  • Denied Persons List
  • SOS Business Entity Search
  • Consolidated Sanctions
  • Arms Export Control Act
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  • Excluded Parties List System
  • List Of Excluded Individuals/Entities
  • Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations