December 13, 2021

What is a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Types of TINs?

In 2021, social security numbers identify individuals, their legal status, nationality, and more. Even businesses are required to register themselves with the Social Security Administration

August 11, 2021

Eliminate 80% Of Your Manual Workload by Automating the Entire TIN Matching Process

A taxpayer identification number is assigned to individuals and business entities alike to identify, validate, and verify the real identities of individuals and businesses. TIN

August 09, 2021

How Compliancely Real-Time TIN Matching API Helps Fight Financial Crime

An economic crime and fraud survey conducted in 2020 by PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals the rate at which financial crime and fraud is increasing. The stats show

August 07, 2021

How Real-Time TIN Matching Optimizes Vendor/Contractor Compliance

Taxpayer identification numbers are assigned to businesses and individuals to identify the entities and individuals with unique qualifiers. Federal authorities, such as the IRS use